We host practitioners of art, film sets, poetry, publicity, music, sports, media, queerness, crafts, philosophy, photography, design, pornography, aesthetics and more.


Beating raw materials and breathing ideas, still-multiplying cells of thinking and their babies will inhabit the pages of Flashy Guru.
Selected contributions will eventually be rewrapped in the body of a book.

is produced in Paris and Berlin by artists Magali Daniaux, Cédric Pigot and Serge Stephan,
in collaboration with artists, art historians and theoreticians.


As a fanzine, Flashy Guru supports good people and friends, active in various fields.
This means we want to follow them and promote their work over several issues.
We want to make publicity for them. Publicity as a test field. As parkour of unpredictable paths, jumping on hierarchies. As a critique. As an artistic medium leaving its footprints on history.